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Gartang Gali: A Majestic Wood-Lined Stairway near the Indo-China Border

Hidden away in the picturesque landscapes of Gangotri National Park Range an idyllic mountain opposite Nelong Valley lies a hidden gem that is sure to captivate nature enthusiasts and wanderers alike. Gartang Gali, an enchanting destination nestled in the heart of lush green Harshil and Gangotri valleys, is a haven of natural beauty waiting to be discovered. With its serene ambiance, stunning vistas, and a plethora of natural surprises, Gartang Gali offers a perfect opportunity for trekkers to catch her beauty.

Just 12 kilometres before the Shrine of Gangotri and Near Lanka Bridge stands the entrance of Gartang Gali. Gartang Gali, a 136-meter-long wood-lined stairway, is a breathtaking creation believed to have been constructed for Indo-China Trade.

Historically - Dating back 150 years, Gartang Gali holds a significant place in the region's history. It is believed that the Peshawari Pathans, renowned for their expertise in construction, took up the challenge of sculpting the granite to create this extraordinary stairway. Their labor of love has withstood the test of time, attracting visitors who are eager to witness this historic marvel firsthand.