Why should I choose Travelvaidya as my travel partner?

Plenty of reasons

  • All destinations deeply explored by Team Travelvaidya over years, being passionate travellers themselves.
  • Only handpicked destinations in each circuit – some mainstream, some offbeat – and carefully designed itineraries crafted to deliver rich experience, maximum coverage, offering sufficient variety of activities and ensuring ample relaxation and recovery time for balance & enjoyment.
  • Team Travelvaidya has personally visited and selected only the best service providers to ensure quality offering to the clients.

How does Travelvaidya enhances my travel experience?

Travelvaidya offers you,

    • Customized Trips – Each trip is tailored to your requirement – you choose the elements, we craft your experience
    • Most extensive coverage – we include hidden & unconventional destinations, distant and remote Himalayan villages which you haven’t heard about
    • Our Friendly Sherpas – the network of experienced travel guides
    • Quality Assurance– tie-ups with best available accommodation, transport, guides and other service providers
    • Helpline – to offer assistance on call

what is the cost of my trip?

The cost for your trip depends on

  • Number of travellers,
  • Number of days,
  • Destinations covered, and
  • Of course, the services you prefer to take.

what is included in my trip?

That’s depend on which plan you choose. every plan has it’s own kit. you can find more about it in tour itinerary

any hidden charges?

There are absolutely no hidden charges or nasty surprises

are tour guides available?

Yes Hindi as well as English speaking tour guides are available.

what's the different accomodation types?

Depending on the destination, Star Hotels, Budget Hotels and Camping are available for accommodation. If you take a lesser travelled trail, then the options gets limited to Budget Hotels and Camping.

will i benifit cost wise if i have a large group?

Yes. Larger the size of your group, lesser will be the package cost.

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